Central Bank of Malta
The Central Bank of Malta is banker to the Government and the local commercial banks. It provides the banks with liquidity whenever required through open market operations and collaterilised intraday landing

Europeal Asylum Support Office within the Foreign Affaris Ministry

New Parliament Valletta
An EU funded project carried out by the Maltese Government which is entrusted to world renowned architect Renzo Piano to design a new parliament house and a new opera house based on a green concept

University of Malta
The University of Malta is the highest teaching institution in Malta. Over the past few years the university has reviewed its structures in order to be in line with new teaching technologies. There are some 13,000 students including 650 international students from over 77 countries

Malta Maritime Authority
This offers a whole range of international maritime services and facilities. An international sip register- one of the largest in the world.

OPM - Office of the Prime Minister
The Malta Office of the Prime Minister consists of several sectors, such as the Defence, Science and Technology, Tourism, Culture and Heritage, EU Information and Sustainable Development.